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Update – September 2012
Gold Speed Run content and updating has been moved to the new GoldSpeedRun.com membership site. If you have an “all-access” MGB lifetime membership, you qualify for immediate full access to GoldSpeedRun.com at no cost.

You should have received a link by e-mail that will allow you to set up your free bonus membership. If you haven’t received your link, please put in a support ticket so I can hook you up.

Gold Speed Run 6 began on November 18th, and completed on December 17th 2011!

The next Gold Speed Run is tentatively scheduled to begin early November 2012. Watch for an e-mail inviting you to participate.

Gold Speed Run V Archive

Here is a Quick Start Guide for first-time speed runners; plus a complete archive of my own reports, videos and transaction logs from Gold Speed Run IV.

Gold Speed Run is a unique event in WoW, open to all members of the MGB community. The fifth edition, GSR5, began on Friday February 18th 2011, and continued through the end of the day on Saturday March 19th.

Congratulations to the winners…

  • Single Faction Challenge: Khrazer, playing Horde side on Wyrmrest Accord US, he accumulated a fantastic total of 299,420 gold
  • Cross Faction Challenge: Purebusiness, playing on Wildhammer EU, and racking up an astonishing total of 359,313 gold acquired

See the complete results in the Blueprint Forum…

Each of the grand prize winners will be receiving a Vial of the Sands (“Transforms you into a Sandstone Drake, allowing you to fly very fast and carry an ally on your back”), delivered to the realm of their choice.

Here are some stats to ponder:

  • 2,811,674 – total gold acquired by all challengers in 30 days
  • 11 – the number of challengers breaking the 100k mark
  • 63,901 – average gold earned per challenger
  • 1096 – the number of Speed Run V posts by challengers in the Blueprint Forum

This time around, we are having an additional 7-day “sell off” period to allow speed runners to maximize their gold-in-hand by selling accumulated inventory. The sell off ends on Saturday March 26th, and there will be an added prize for the winner of the “Efficiency” award.

What is a Gold Speed Run? All challengers declare their entries to participate in either the Single Faction Challenge, or the Cross Faction Challenge, on a new server where they don’t currently have any toons. You roll new characters on the chosen server, and the race is on… to accumulate as much gold as possible by the end of the 30-day event.


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