Love Is In the Air

The Love Is In the Air Festival takes place for two weeks in February each year, aligning with the Valentine’s Day celebration of love and romance in real life. For 2011, the dates are Sunday Feb. 6 through Sunday Feb. 20.

The gold making opportunities may not be obvious, but they are interesting. If you throw some energy into it, you can do quite well, and have some fun with it too.

This video guide was prepared for the 2010 event, when Blizzard introduced major changes to Love Is In the Air. For Cataclysm, nothing much has changed. The daily quests and item redemptions that are the basis of all the gold opportunities are still the same.

Here is a summary of what you will be dealing with for these two weeks…

  • Lovely Dresses
  • Lovely Dinner Suits
  • Lovely Charm Bracelets
  • Heart Candy

NOTE: Heart Candies can’t be auctioned, as they are “limited duration” items (will disappear after the event). But you can sell them in trade chat, they ARE tradable. You can get as much as 50g each, although 5g – 10g seems more normal. Try offering complete sets for a big premium (all eight candies for… 500g?).

Love Is In the Air Gold Guide

(Run time: 36:29)

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