Passwords and Accounts

Membership Access

If you are unable to log in, the first thing to try is re-setting your password. You can follow the “Lost your password?” link on the log-in page, or go directly to the lost-password page here:


This is a 2-step process, and it takes place via e-mail.

  1. After you submit your request for the password, the system sends you an e-mail. Click the link in that first message, and you will be sent back to the log-in page on the website. You aren’t done yet!
  2. Now check your e-mail again for the 2nd message. This one includes the new password generated by the system. Use this new password to log in at the site (the login page is already in front of you, from the previous step).

After you have logged in, it would be a good idea to change the password to something you can remember more easily. Click on the “Membership Details” link (in red) at the upper right of most pages throughout the site, this will take you to your profile page where you can change the password.


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