Hallow’s End Event Gold Guide Update

Hallow’s End is on. The annual 2-week world event that is the in-game equivalent of Halloween brings with it some high-potential gold-making opportunities. In 2012, the event runs from October 18 – 31. Now that the key gold-making items (pets) are available relatively easily through event-specific vendors, you should make a point of stocking up while prices are low during the event. Then profit through the year when these pets are hard to find and prices rise accordingly.

Battle Pets unique to this event…

  • Sinister Squashling
  • Feline Familiar
  • Creepy Crate

These are likely to develop high value, as the Pet Battle system introduced with the Mists of Pandaria expansion gains traction, and the demand for pets (especially rare and hard-to-find pets) heats up. Get your Hallow’s End pets now, and you stand to make serious gold profits when the pet economy gets into gear.

Also worth a close look: Weighted Jack-o’-Lantern. This is relatively hard to get (as a drop from the Headless Horseman), and it is often sold at bargain-basement prices at the end of the event, or the few days afterwards. Stock up on these at low prices, and you can make big profits selling them year round, and at the *beginning* of Hallow’s End next year!

Pets Cheatsheet Updated for Mists of Pandaria

The whole pet system… companion pets, battle pets, tradable pets, account bound pets, cross-faction pets… has been changed radically in the Pandaria expansion.

Most of us are still scrambling to figure it all out. Just to know what’s what, never mind how to price pets in the auction house under the new rules, or how to take advantage of the new gold-making opportunities.

For members, I’ve created a huge new resource: the updated MGB Pets Cheatsheet (v.2.0).

It’s now available for download (zipped PDF) on the Market Niche pages for both Battle Pets and Companion Pets. It includes both a master list of tradable pets, and sub-lists that break things down by useful groupings such as “Horde Only” and “Rare Drops.”

Grab your copy right away, you need this to get a head-start on the competition and make some serious gold with pets.

– Jon

Finding Battle Pet Bargains in the Auction House

Mists of Pandaria has been live for more than two weeks now, and the excess supply of hard-to-find battle pets (meaning expensive battle pets) has been swallowed up by new buyers. Even the common stuff is dwindling. That means pet prices are rising, and it’s getting harder to find Battle Pets in the auction house at bargain prices.

But… on most servers you can still find great buys that you will be able to turn into huge profits. When the Battle Pets market really takes off – once the excess supply is completely burned off – prices for both common and rare pets will climb much higher than the price levels you see in the auction house today.

I’ve posted a new 2-part video set to help you, added to the Battle Pets – Busted? page:

In part one, I describe and demonstrate the methods I am using to spot true bargains. I also explain how the usual auction house add-ons work – or not – with Battle Pets right now.

Then in part two, I continue on with a full live demo in the auction house. Watch over my shoulder as I work the listings and decide what’s worth bidding on or buying out.

Whatever you do, spend a little time this weekend browsing the Battle Pets market on your server. There is gold to be made!

– Jon

Battle Pets Gone… Bust?

Good news: the Battle Pets market (and my gold-making plan for MoP expansion profiteering on the pet market) has been a bust.

Why is that good news? Because there’s a big “boom” coming after the “bust”… and this unexpected crash in prices has given anyone who was slow off the mark a second chance to get in on the big gold profits action.

I’ve posted a set of update videos that show you exactly how to play this unexpected opportunity. Don’t delay, get on this right away if you want to make some quick (and potentially huge) profits over the next few weeks.

Part 1 of the new video set explains what has happened with Battle Pet (and Companion Pet) pricing during the first week of the MoP expansion:

  • Noobish players notice duplicate Battle Pets in their accounts, and dump them on the Auction House at stupid (below vendor cost!) prices
  • Overall Battle Pet pricing is completely out of sync with Companion Pet pricing of equivalent pets (can you say “arbitrage”?)
  • Realization dawns slowly: that Battle Pets and Companion Pets are exactly the same thing from a value/price point of view… except the Battle Pet can gain more value by leveling up
  • Prices of Battle Pets start to rise as the surplus of account-wide “extras” gets soaked up by buyers

Part 2 is a live auction house walk-through of examples that show how this situation is playing out. I show you how to spot the bargains on your own server that you should be buying right now (and get ready for payday in a few weeks’ time).

Check it out now:

Pandarian Gems: Purple and Orange are the New Red

Blizzard has changed the gem landscape big-time in MoP, with the hybrid (2-color/2-stat) gems now worth significantly more than the single-color/single-stat alternatives.

I have updated the Gems market niche page with a detailed 3-part video series that covers the new alignment and gold-making opportunities in this smoking hot market. The videos detail how to work the Gems niche, whether you are a pure auction-house trader, or you want to maximize profits with your high-level Jewelcrafting toon.

Market Niche: Gems (Pandaria)

Part 1 of the new video set is about valuing Pandarian gems:

  • Blizzard’s major shift in the relative weight of hybrid (2-color/2-stat) gems vs. single-color/single-stat alternatives
  • Implications for both raw gem and cut gem values

Part 2 presents a detailed map of Pandarian gems by color and quality, with examples of how the stat values (and relative trading values) of the latest gems have changed since Cataclysm. Check this out when you want to get deeper into the why’s and wherefore’s of the trading environment.

Part 3 gives you my recommendations for high-profit trading in Pandarian gems, including the best auction house tactics, and pricing trends that have emerged in the early days of expansion action.

Check it out now: