Pets Cheatsheet Updated for Mists of Pandaria

The whole pet system… companion pets, battle pets, tradable pets, account bound pets, cross-faction pets… has been changed radically in the Pandaria expansion.

Most of us are still scrambling to figure it all out. Just to know what’s what, never mind how to price pets in the auction house under the new rules, or how to take advantage of the new gold-making opportunities.

For members, I’ve created a huge new resource: the updated MGB Pets Cheatsheet (v.2.0).

It’s now available for download (zipped PDF) on the Market Niche pages for both Battle Pets and Companion Pets. It includes both a master list of tradable pets, and sub-lists that break things down by useful groupings such as “Horde Only” and “Rare Drops.”

Grab your copy right away, you need this to get a head-start on the competition and make some serious gold with pets.

– Jon

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