Finding Battle Pet Bargains in the Auction House

Mists of Pandaria has been live for more than two weeks now, and the excess supply of hard-to-find battle pets (meaning expensive battle pets) has been swallowed up by new buyers. Even the common stuff is dwindling. That means pet prices are rising, and it’s getting harder to find Battle Pets in the auction house at bargain prices.

But… on most servers you can still find great buys that you will be able to turn into huge profits. When the Battle Pets market really takes off – once the excess supply is completely burned off – prices for both common and rare pets will climb much higher than the price levels you see in the auction house today.

I’ve posted a new 2-part video set to help you, added to the Battle Pets – Busted? page:

In part one, I describe and demonstrate the methods I am using to spot true bargains. I also explain how the usual auction house add-ons work – or not – with Battle Pets right now.

Then in part two, I continue on with a full live demo in the auction house. Watch over my shoulder as I work the listings and decide what’s worth bidding on or buying out.

Whatever you do, spend a little time this weekend browsing the Battle Pets market on your server. There is gold to be made!

– Jon

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