Battle Pets Gone… Bust?

Good news: the Battle Pets market (and my gold-making plan for MoP expansion profiteering on the pet market) has been a bust.

Why is that good news? Because there’s a big “boom” coming after the “bust”… and this unexpected crash in prices has given anyone who was slow off the mark a second chance to get in on the big gold profits action.

I’ve posted a set of update videos that show you exactly how to play this unexpected opportunity. Don’t delay, get on this right away if you want to make some quick (and potentially huge) profits over the next few weeks.

Part 1 of the new video set explains what has happened with Battle Pet (and Companion Pet) pricing during the first week of the MoP expansion:

  • Noobish players notice duplicate Battle Pets in their accounts, and dump them on the Auction House at stupid (below vendor cost!) prices
  • Overall Battle Pet pricing is completely out of sync with Companion Pet pricing of equivalent pets (can you say “arbitrage”?)
  • Realization dawns slowly: that Battle Pets and Companion Pets are exactly the same thing from a value/price point of view… except the Battle Pet can gain more value by leveling up
  • Prices of Battle Pets start to rise as the surplus of account-wide “extras” gets soaked up by buyers

Part 2 is a live auction house walk-through of examples that show how this situation is playing out. I show you how to spot the bargains on your own server that you should be buying right now (and get ready for payday in a few weeks’ time).

Check it out now:

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