New Profit Pump Video: The Ghost Iron Shuffle

I’m sure you want to know: what are the best gold-making opportunities right now in the first days after Mists of Pandaria has gone live.

There are plenty of great opportunities, and one of the best is the prospecting shuffle. I guess we can call it the Ghost Iron Shuffle now. This involves buying (or mining) lots of Pandarian ore, prospecting the ore to get Pandarian gems, and selling off the gems at a much higher price than the cost of the ore.

In this new Profit Pump video, I show you how this is working right now in the early days of the expansion, and demonstrate a test run that shows a profit in the range of 2,000g for a few minutes of work.

If you have a 500 skill level or higher Jewelcrafter in your roster of toons (or can get to 500 JC without too much hassle), you should certainly be spending some time with the new prospecting shuffle!

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