Pandarian Gems: Purple and Orange are the New Red

Blizzard has changed the gem landscape big-time in MoP, with the hybrid (2-color/2-stat) gems now worth significantly more than the single-color/single-stat alternatives.

I have updated the Gems market niche page with a detailed 3-part video series that covers the new alignment and gold-making opportunities in this smoking hot market. The videos detail how to work the Gems niche, whether you are a pure auction-house trader, or you want to maximize profits with your high-level Jewelcrafting toon.

Market Niche: Gems (Pandaria)

Part 1 of the new video set is about valuing Pandarian gems:

  • Blizzard’s major shift in the relative weight of hybrid (2-color/2-stat) gems vs. single-color/single-stat alternatives
  • Implications for both raw gem and cut gem values

Part 2 presents a detailed map of Pandarian gems by color and quality, with examples of how the stat values (and relative trading values) of the latest gems have changed since Cataclysm. Check this out when you want to get deeper into the why’s and wherefore’s of the trading environment.

Part 3 gives you my recommendations for high-profit trading in Pandarian gems, including the best auction house tactics, and pricing trends that have emerged in the early days of expansion action.

Check it out now:

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