Winter Veil 2011 Gold-Making Update

This year’s Feast of Winter Veil has begun: it opened today (Thursday Dec 15th), and it runs through to December 31st. And once again, the frenzy around Small Eggs is providing some great gold-making opportunities!

I’ve updated the Winter Veil “Profit Pump” page with live action from the 2011 auction house, showing a powerful technique you can use to stay ahead of your competitors, without contributing to the inevitable downward spiral of prices. Check out the new update video on the Winter Veil event page:

And of course, don’t forget all the other gold-making opportunities that come along with Winter Veil:

  • Deeprock Salt
  • Winter Garb
  • Red and Green Helper Boxes
  • Snowman Kit
  • Jingling Bell
  • Winter Veil specialty patterns and recipes (Plans: Edge of Winter etc.)
  • Preserved Holly
  • Snowballs
  • Greatfather’s Winter Ale

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