Promote the Highest-Paying Gold Guide on the Market!

As an affiliate promoting Massive Gold Blueprint, you'll earn the biggest commission payments available for any World of Warcraft gold guide. You get more than $35 per sale, after ClickBank fees are deducted. Other popular gold guides (secretgg, luke13, warmil etc.) pay about $25 per sale.

High Conversions, Virtually No Returns

Massive Gold Blueprint is an extremely high quality product, so it's easy to promote. We achieve excellent conversion rates on well-targeted traffic (i.e. WoW players who are actually interested in making gold!): between 6% - 10% of visitors to the salespage buy MGB, depending on the kind of traffic you are sending. We have a refund rate below 1%, so your commissions are assured.

How This Works

The MGB affiliate program is managed by ClickBank. ClickBank tracks all sales with 100% reliability, and issues commission checks or direct deposits to your bank account, every single week, like clockwork.

It's easy to get started, all you need is a ClickBank account. If you don't have an account yet, you can sign up with ClickBank for free (look for the link that says "Click HERE to sign up first").

Creating Links

Once you're set up with ClickBank, all you have to do is send potential buyers (your own customers or subscribers, game-playing friends, WoW guildmates, etc.) to the Massive Gold Blueprint salespage. Use your ClickBank User ID to create a "hoplink" like this:

You will need to replace the "CBID" above with your ClickBank User ID.

You will be paid 60% commission for every Gold Blueprint purchase that comes through your ClickBank hoplink.

You can use your money-making link in e-mails, forum signature files, blog posts, Twitter tweets, inside your Facebook profile, and on your own website. Just tell other WoW players you like the Massive Gold Blueprint, and give them the link. It's really that simple.

DO NOT SPAM! Don't send out unsolicited e-mails to people you don't know, and don't spam the chat channels in-game. Chuck Norris would not approve.

Here's a simple example of a forum signature file, use something like this in the World of Warcraft official forums, or any other gaming forum.

********* I've Got More Gold Than You... Here's My Secret *********

For more promotional tools and ideas, sign up to my "goldpartners" e-mail list. I'll provide you with suggested e-mails, blog posts, product reviews and Twitter posts, plus updates on special promotions that I run from time to time.


Below you will find a selection of graphic banners in various sizes. You can use these in online advertising, or post them on your blog or website. Just link the graphic to Massive Gold Blueprint using your "hoplink."

160 x 600 pixels

160 x 600 pixels

120 x 600 pixels

728 x 90 pixels

728 x 90 pixels

468 x 60 pixels

468 x 60 pixels

250 x 250 pixels

336 x 280 pixels




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