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Are you rolling in cash? Or are you "just getting by"?

How would you like to . . .
  • Pay for all your class training as you level up, without so much as a second thought
  • Train up your riding skills and get all the mounts your heart desires... Flying Mounts, Choppers & Mechano-Hogs, even the exotic Traveler's Tundra Mammoths
  • Power-level any crafting profession effortlessly in minutes instead of days or weeks... just buy the materials you need, when you need them
  • Never again waste your valuable in-game time farming, ever again
  • Treat yourself to the super-rare Pets, Costumes, Trinkets and other status symbols that most players will never get their hands on
  • Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger, the Hyacinth Macaw, Razzashi Hatchling, Digusting Oozeling, Kirin Tor rings, Orb of Deception, whatever your heart desires, it's yours!
  • Supply yourself, and even your whole group, with the enchants, gems, flasks and potions you need for successful raiding and instance runs... no problem
  • Complete more Achievements and earn prestigious Titles, faster and easier than you ever thought possible
  • Earn the respect and gratitude of friends and guild mates by giving them the Gold and items they need to get ahead
"Every character has his Epic Flying Mount...
and I still have 140,000 Gold left"

I have 10 different classes with every profession. All chars are lvl 80, except two. I've used MGB for about 20 months, for about a half hour a day. And now the beauty of it: every char has his epic riding AND epic flying mount. Plus the best epic gear I could manufacture or buy. AND I still have 140,000 gold left. In about a month every char will have his Travelling Mammoth! 

Wim De Keersmaecker, Berlaar, Belgium


"I couldn't resist buying a second copy"

I had a chance to start going through the guide today and it is fantastic. I'm a game developer and have rarely seen a guide with this balanced combination of accessibility and really solid information. Although I have played WoW on and off for 5 years now, I'm really looking forward to this new challenge - so much so that I couldn't resist buying a second copy of MGB for my girlfriend so that we can learn and team up together. 

Mosby, Uther U.S.

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So what's holding you back?

Right now, in the Cataclysm era, it's the best time ever to make enormous piles of gold in WoW. So how come you aren't getting your fair share?

The truth is, you're almost certainly going about things the wrong way. Probably because you've been getting bad advice.

The standard "wisdom" tells you that the road to Warcraft wealth and power follows a painful path...
  • Pay for all your class training as you level up, without so much as a second thought
  • Grinding away on mobs that drop above-average trash (they call it "trash" for a reason!)
  • Farming supposedly profitable "sweet spots" in the dead of night, to avoid competition from other desperate players
  • Camping secret locations for rare spawn mobs, hours on end, praying for the 0.2% chance of a drop that will make your fortune
  • Hacking repeatedly through Instances you wish you'd never see again, just so you can score a few Greens and Blues to disenchant, or some stacks of cloth
  • Hanging around in the cities of Azeroth, begging other players for a chance to use your expensive crafting skills in exchange for el-cheapo tips
Dude... I thought this game was supposed to be fun?!

Yes it is. And that's why I've spent years developing and refining my Blueprint method into a super-efficient system that literally anyone can learn and put into action.

I've shown thousands of average WoW gamers how to apply my Profit Pipelines strategy to make amounts of Gold that they never dreamed were possible.

I've got it down to a Formula now: one hour a day spent playing the gold-making game, Blueprint style, and you will earn as much as 10,000 Gold per week. It's fast, easy and above all... FUN!

In fact, the Massive Gold Blueprint has the power to change your whole outlook on World of Warcraft . . . and I'm going to let you in on the secret!

In my Blueprint videos, I reveal all my hard-won, underground knowledge. I share strategies and tactics that have been used by only a tiny elite group of extremely wealthy masters of the game.

I show you step-by-step the unstoppable system any WoW player can follow to pile up a huge stash of Gold, quickly and easily.

Once you understand the power of Profit Pipelines, and learn how to apply the Massive Gold Blueprint system, the only question that remains is: How much Gold do you want?


"my earnings for the week are: 241,698g . . .
The next challenge for me is the NEW GOLDCAP"

I took stock of my gold and auctionable inventory, 8 days on from when patch 4.01 hit the server, and I'm proud to announce that my earnings for the week are: 241,698g :) ... and still rising!

I love making gold, and I spend it very fast... at least three friends have had Choppers as gifts from me. The next challenge for me is the NEW GOLDCAP. One million, here I come!

Thank you Jonathan - for [this video] - and if you need a testimonial or some kind of proof of how well the Blueprint method works... just contact me and I'll show you my screenshots and info. 

Tali, United Kingdom


"Awesome product, the new material is fabulous"

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for having such an awesome product and for being so good to all of your original members.

The new material is fabulous, both content-wise and from a production value standpoint. It really is a completely new product and you would have been justified in charging, at the very least, a significant upgrade fee.

Getting it for free is almost unbelievable. The whole product blows anything else in the market completely out of the water. Thanks again. 

Paul Miller

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The Secret of Success with Gold . . .


Bonus #1: Gold Speed Run Membership

  • Be one of the first to learn the insider secrets of the Gold Speed Run method for lighting-fast gold making
  • Brand new video training series released November 2011, selling separately for $47
  • Follow step-by-step on your own Speed Run, as I show you exactly what to do, every day for 30 days


Bonus #2: Gold Speed Run 6 (GSR6)

  • Guaranteed free entry into the next exciting Gold Speed Run in-game challenge in November 2011... positions are limited, but you will have a reserved spot when you join MGB today!
  • Compete for bragging rights and in-game prizes with other MGB members, see who will earn the most gold in a wild 30-day ride on a new server, starting from flat-out zero
  • Experience the thrill of accumulating 10,000 gold... 50,000 gold... even HUNDREDS of thousands of gold in just 30 days


Bonus #3: Winterveil Gold Blueprint

  • Discover how to generate thousands of Gold by cashing in on the crazy profit-making opportunities of the annual Winterveil event in December
  • Video training, over-my-shoulder in-game demos, downloadable cheat sheets... everything you need to mine Winterveil fast and easy for big profits
  • Currently selling separately for $27


Bonus #4: The Blueprint Forum

  • Free access to our exclusive private forum where the wealthiest and most successful gold-gamers hang out and share up-to-the-minute tips and intel
  • Get fast answers to your burning questions about making WoW Gold, from the MGB community of experienced and successful auction house players
  • Not available anywhere else... at any price!

The Complete Package!

  • Full Lifetime Membership and All-Access Pass to Massive Gold Blueprint, free upgrades and updates forever!
  • Regular price: $127 including lifetime access with no additional fees
  • Plus: all the bonuses listed above... real value of more than $100!
  • Total current regular price value: over $197

Your price TODAY: just $97!

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no questions asked. Results guaranteed or your money back.

~ Jonathan Kenins ~

Immediate access! Massive Gold Blueprint is delivered digitally through my secure members area online. You will get instant access to all of the videos and downloads after checkout, any time of day or night!


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